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Lake Oswego Consulting Group begins a fresh new start …

George Porter

George Porter
Managing Director

Welcome to our new blog on WordPress! We are delighted that you have joined us! We have relocated our blog at MobileMe to our new blog on WordPress. We are sad that Apple discontinued the MobileMe service, because we really enjoyed the simplicity of use and the fact that everything “just worked”. However, we are delighted with our new home and hope that you will enjoy the new look and feel too! We will be making adjustments to our site over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if the look changes as we explore all the options.

Lake Oswego Consulting Group

Lake Oswego Consulting Group
Specialists in Strategic Marketing
(503) 697-7666

We would love to talk to you about your business needs. Lake Oswego Consulting Group specializes in strategic marketing, marketing communications, change management, and project management services for business, non-profit organizations, government agencies and industry in Oregon. Founded in 1991, we are located above Lake Oswego in the lovely Palisades District, about 10 miles south of Portland, OR.

We have a new website address too! You can find us on the web at http://lakeoswegoconsultinggroup.com!

You can Find Us on Facebook and connect with us there. Anna and I are both on LinkedIn (annaporter and georgeporter). And feel free to email us for more information at info@lakeoswegoconsultinggroup.com. We can quickly come up with a plan that can be tailored for any budget to meet your business needs.

Call Lake Oswego Consulting Group today for an initial consultation and free estimate at (503) 697-7666.

George Porter
Managing Director
Lake Oswego Consulting Group
(503) 697-7666

About lakeoswegoconsultinggroup

Specialists in Strategic Marketing, Serving Business in Oregon since 1991. Mission To provide exceptional strategic marketing and management consulting services to businesses, government and industry in Oregon with commitment to excellence, determination to succeed, and outstanding customer service and support. Description Since 1991, Lake Oswego Consulting Group has been providing business, industry and government agencies in Oregon with exceptional strategic marketing and management consulting services. Founded by George Porter, Lake Oswego Consulting Group has worked with start-ups, SMBs, Fortune 500 companies, and federal and state government agencies, helping them put sales and marketing programs, business processes and systems in place to promote and sustain profitable growth. The senior consultants and partners, George Porter and Anna Porter bring a wealth of experience and creativity in: • Strategic marketing • New business development • Change management • Marketing communications • Print and internet advertising • Social networking • SEO content creation • Branding and content management • CRM systems implementation • Direct marketing • Sales Training and Management Call Lake Oswego Consulting Group at (503) 697-7666 today for an initial consultation and free estimate to jump start your business!
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